BuildingInsight has developed a comprehensive set of state-of-the-art-tools to find and analyze the answers you need.
+ Since our founding in 2004 BuildingInsight, LLC has been different by design.

+ Our approach has been to be just big enough. Stay lean but be versatile. We have the in-house resources, relationships, and network needed to tackle large, complex engagements yet still provide the focus needed for small projects to be successful.

+ Our versatility stems from our associates’ average 20 years of consulting experience. We each often wear many hats, but that’s a good thing.

+ Our motto is “Building Insight Beyond the Obvious.” The idea being that too often business management and research consultants identify the obvious. The things you already know.

+ We go beyond the obvious by getting out and working directly with stakeholders across the supply chain, spending time in production facilities, talking to end users, interacting with academia, and participating in industry associations.

+ Often we become trusted members of clients’ internal strategy, process improvement, and product development teams. A kind of external, unbiased, drama-free resource to help connect clients to their markets. We’ve even had clients ask us to interact with their customers to identify opportunities for improvement and tell them how they are doing.

+ We utilize our state-of-the-art marketing research and business analysis tools including surveys, focus groups, and interviews to understand industry dynamics and to listen to the voice of the customer.

The BuildingInsight team has diverse educational background and experience.

+ Our associate’s undergraduate and graduate education background includes mechanical and industrial engineering, modern languages, English, architecture, environmental science, international business administration.

+ Professional recognition includes ISO 9000 Lead Auditor and Certified Quality Auditor and Certified Quality Engineer credentials, LEED Accredited Professional, engineering and architectural registrations, home energy rating, and professional focus group moderator training, among others.

+ We are involved with and members of a wide range of industry and professional organizations including the American Marketing Association, American Society for Quality, Efficiency First, Mensa, Sustainable Buildings Industry Council, US Greenbuilding Council.